Adelitas Way are headed out for a short run of dates to promote their new single, Bad Reputation, from their forthcoming album, Getaway, available February 26. Joining them will be Failure Anthem, Through the Fire and Eye on Attraction. The tour starts January 16 in Scottsdale, AZ and wraps up February 14 in Colorado Springs, CO. Find all tour dates below.

Lead singer, Rick DeJesus had this to say about the new single, “Bad Reputation is a song I wrote about how I feel. I’ve always lived my life just being who I am, and really in the past few years in rock I’ve built a bit of a reputation for being myself. On tour I like to drink a little wine, smoke a little pot. Music is fun, and too many in the business take it far too seriously at times. I also don’t like to see people in the business constantly jumping off the rock bandwagon; I’ve heard heavy rock stations starting to play Bastille songs, so I spoke my mind.

“People say I’m uncontrollable, instead of taking accountability for what they are doing to help kill Rock-n-Roll. Even live shows were filled with more rules from the venues down to the bands we toured with. It was bullshit, and I hated what I was seeing happening to what was once the most rebellious group of humans I had ever seen. I have a bad reputation for not giving a f–k, always enjoying myself, and always being a advocate for Rock-n-Roll til the end. I wrote the song because that’s who I am and how I feel.”

Download the new single, Bad Reputation on iTunes or Amazon.


Rick sees the release of Getaway as an important step in reclaiming Adelitas Way’s spot at the top of the Rock-n-Roll mountain. He also hopes that other bands will follow the path of an indie release. “Controlling your own destiny through hard work and great relationships feels amazing, It makes me love what I do that much more. It’s also so exciting to feel that the possibilities are endless; on a major label things became so predictable, they believe rock is dead so you know that you’ll get no attention. I needed to go indie for myself, my family, my band, and our music. To me it was the only option I was interested in. I was tired of being told to change my sound, that rock was dead. I felt really restricted, freedom is everything, and I also have the opportunity to make the best living from music I ever had. I’m at my best when my mind is focused on the songs, the plan, and the fans.”

The Bad Reputation Tour Dates
01/16 @ Pub Rock – Scottsdale, AZ
01/20 @ Gas Monkey Bar & Grill – Dallas, TX
01/21 @ Scout Bar – Houston, TX
01/22 @ Click’s Live – Tyler, TX
01/23 @ Kress Live – Biloxi, MS
01/24 @ England Brothers Bandshell Park – Pinellas Park, FL
01/26 @ The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
01/29 @ The Blind Tiger – Greensboro, NC
01/30 @ Hard Times – Hagerstown, MD
01/31 @ Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
02/02 @ Stanhope House – Stanhope, NJ
02/03 @ Iron Works – Buffalo, NY
02/04 @ Realm – Toledo, OH
02/05 @ The Machine Shop – Flint, MI
02/06 @ The Tree – Joliet, IL
02/08 @ Austin’s Fuel Room – Libertyville, IL
02/09 @ POV’s 65 – Spring Lake Park, MN
02/10 @ District – Rockford, IL
02/11 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS
02/12 @ Lookout Lounge – Omaha, NE
02/13 @ Marquis Theater – Denver, CO
02/14 @ Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO


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