Adelitas Way, the hard rock band from Las Vegas, released their fourth album, Getaway, via The Vegas Syn / The Fuel Music at the end of February. Funded through a PledgeMusic campaign, the band first released the Deserve This EP which included five songs that would eventually be released on their full length album.

Of the eleven songs on the album, each tell their own story, both lyrically and musically. It’s no surprise why Adelitas Way chose the opening track, Bad Reputation, as their first single. The opening upbeat notes drive the clear statement singer Rick DeJesus wants everyone to know. As he sings, “I really don’t care what you think or what you say,” the entire song mirrors his strong admission that he is clearly unapologetic for how he chooses to live this life. The following track, Get Away, serves as a real one-two punch combination of an opening for their new offering.

The Good Die Young starts off a bit more mellow than the previous two songs but the grungy tone melds effortlessly with the subject of the song. As most artists tend to leave their lyrics up to interpretation, one may surmise from the line, “When they tell you that the good die young, do they tell you what the good die from,” there is a hint to something more to the story being told in this song.

Low, with its heavy guitar and bass riffs, combined with the subject of the capabilities of a person doing everything in their power to cause emotional harm to another make this a pretty powerful song all around. In our opinion, the most aggressive song lyrically belongs to Put You In Place. With a beautiful guitar intro and outro, there is a surprisingly in-your-face song smashed in between. If someone asked you to define the Adelitas Way sound, I Get Around would be a good representation.

While the entire album is full of great guitar work from Robert Zakaryan, the spot light shines the brightest on Filthy Heart. The song itself is slightly reminiscent of possible classic rock influences, but with the addition of Rick’s higher vocal range, this song should fall pretty high on everyone’s list. In another prominent guitar-focused song, the hint of funky guitar licks really give life to Sometimes You’re Meant to Get Used.

The band change the on-going tone of the album a bit with the melodic sound of Shame. Once again, with driving guitar as the backbone, not to mention the highlight of the song, Rick’s vocals intertwine with a persistent cohesive connection. The last song of the album, Deserve This, is just as strong as the first and once again, starts off with a powerful guitar chord progression that continues throughout the entire song. I can almost picture Robert’s fingers dancing up and down the neck of his guitar as the song plays. The contribution from everyone on this song adds a prominent “rock” stamp of approval and it’s a great way to round out the album.

Purchase Getaway on iTunesAmazon, Best Buy or the band’s webstore (a special bundle option includes an unreleased song)


1 Bad Reputation
2 Get Away
3 The Good Die Young
4 Low
5 Put You In Place
6 I Get Around
7 Filthy Heart
8 Harbor the Fugitive
9 Sometimes You’re Meant to Get Used
10 Shame
11 Deserve This

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