State of Mind, the first full length album from Detroit natives Citizen Zero, makes a statement. Available August 12 via Wind-up Records, the 11-song album has something for everyone.

Citizen Zero set the tone for the entire album with opener, What A Feeling. In general, the first song on any album can immediately set the mood of the listener. This upbeat, playful song showcases the talent of everyone in the band and really leaves the listener wanting more.

Go (Let Me Save You), the album’s first single, invites the listener to explore how powerful a statement can be made in the form of a song. Vocalist Josh LeMay previously shared this was the first song he and guitarist, Sammy Boller wrote together. “It happened right after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I was watching the news, and I couldn’t believe how the cameramen were consciously filming crying parents. It was so wrong. Having gone through tragedy, it made me really angry. I had to say something.” The song not only showcases LeMay’s feelings lyrically, but the music is memorable, as all great songs tend to leave an impression. Watch the lyric video below.

Save the Queen is an example of all the elements you look for in a great rock song. Upbeat, catchy and with a chorus that unknowingly gets so deep into your brain you find yourself humming it long after the song is over. Four songs in and you will find the title track, State of Mind, which includes some crazy good dirty sounding guitar tone at the start. Better yet, hold onto your listening device tightly as this song is ready to come alive in front of your very eyes due to the non-stop quick-pace from start to finish. Listening to this song will definitely cause you to react in one way or another. I can only imagine how well this song goes over in the live setting and when you listen to the guitar solo, you too might hear what I feel is a nod to one of the world’s most famous guitarists.

Don’t be fooled by the controlled tempo at the beginning half of Come Away as you will quickly find the slower build-up has a worthy pay off. While the band’s sound has been compared to falling somewhere between Stone Temple Pilots and Kings of Leon, Lure and Persuade is reminiscent of Collective Soul during the height of their popularity. With chunky sounding guitars and a massive sounding chorus, this song will be stuck in your head long after you’ve stopped playing the album.

There is no filler on this album as each song is memorable all on its own. Whether it’s the heartfelt lyrics as heard in Love Let It or the carefree flow and uplifting message in Applause and Fame, there truly is something enticing about each song. By the time you get to When The Rain Comes, you will no doubt be fully on board with the how prominent the role of guitar is in each song on this album. Not to be left out, the skilled drumming is a driving force that also resonates very well. With Bangin’ In The Nails, not only is there a seventies-esque sounding chorus, it has some of the most amazing sounding guitar work ever packed into a 4-minute song. The note progression feels as if you are walking up stepping stones of magnificent guitar tone.

Home, the last song on the album, has honest sounding lyrics that lead you down a path of inner reflection. The amazingly beautiful guitar work along with the angelic like harmonies send you off to a different plane. This song is an excellent example of everything that is right with a composition. Without a doubt, State of Mind fully contributes to the mindset of Citizen Zero, which, in the words of drummer John Dudley is, to be the band that helps bring back musicianship and unforgettable live shows.

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