ALBUM REVIEW: Frank Viele – 1 Mic, 1 Guitar, 10,000 Miles, Volume 2

Frank Viele, an East Coast singer/songwriter, released a new live album, 1 Mic, 1 Guitar, 10,000 Miles, Volume 2 on September 6. Winner of “Songwriter of the Year” at the 2018 New England Music Awards, these 11-songs are an excellent example of this well-deserved honor.

Pulling from his own catalog, along with a famous cover by a well-known Motor City legend, these songs were recorded from various solo acoustic dates across the U.S. opening for artists like John Waite, Lee DeWyze, Howie Day, and Allen, Mack, Myers, Moore, featuring Zach Myers of Shinedown.

Armed only with an acoustic guitar and a captivating voice, after just one listen, fans both new and old will immediately hear just how powerful and intense a Frank Viele performance can be. On songs like You Don’t Have To Go and Someday I’m Gonna Make You Mine, the listener is easily drawn in by Viele’s deep, raspy vocals. While If You Could Only Read My Mind reveals honest verses full of relatable lyrics.

“And words can be hard, a
nd I can’t say how I feel,
Without this guitar and these six strings of steel”


There is no mistaking the intensity behind Push & Pull. This is a strong example of how Viele is able to manipulate his acoustic guitar to squeeze out every ounce of energy projected during his live performance. Honey on the other hand is a fun, upbeat song that I recently discovered goes over very well in a live setting. While many artists pay tribute to their favorite musicians, Frank Viele’s stirring rendition of Bob Seger’s Against The Wind is extremely heartfelt and sincere. While the lyrics in What’s His Name? are extremely candid and there’s plenty of attitude wrapped into a 3-minute song.

The album closes with Broken Love Song. The original version was released in 2015, featured Joe Bonamassa and Tim Palmieri of Kung Fu, and is the one that launched Viele’s career to another level. Lyrically, it’s likely the most genuine depiction of a relationship more than a few people have experienced at least once in their life. (Watch the original video below.)

Each song on 1 Mic, 1 Guitar, 10,000 Miles, Volume 2 is an outstanding representation of why hearing and seeing a band or artist in a live setting has a connection entirely different than listening to a studio recording. Frank Viele’s ability to combine well-crafted songs with captivating lyrical story-telling seems effortless. It’s the quality of the recordings combined with the emotional investment in his music that will make the listener feel like they’re right there with him in each of these venues across the country.


Purchase 1 Mic, 1 Guitar, 10,000 Miles, Volume 2 on iTunes or Amazon Music and listen on Spotify.


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