ALBUM REVIEW: Joyous Wolf – Place In Time

Newcomers Joyous Wolf have everything to prove with their debut album, Place In Time. Now available, this seven song offering is a culmination of hard work, determination and a deep-rooted passion for music. As a result, it earns them a rightful place at the altar of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The members of Joyous Wolf, Nick Reese (vocals), Blake Allard (guitar), Greg Braccio (bass), and Robert Sodaro (drums) have crafted a piece of work that gives listeners a true taste of what they have to offer. While the band’s greatest strength is their live performance, Place In Time is as close to that intensity as you will get.

Opening track, Had Enough, is a straight up, in-your-face rock song that is unwavering and conveys every bit of the driving force this band has to give. Quiet Heart, which was originally released as one of two singles, easily gives the listener a feel for Nick Reese’s vocal capabilities. The lyrical content has an introspective sense about it, but musically, this song reaches that higher level.



Joyous Wolf give us a taste of some of their funky groove on Said Too Much. This one punches in all the right places and Blake Allard’s guitar playing leaves you wanting more. You’ll likely have this one on repeat. Title track, Place In Time, with its rock-oriented start, may seem familiar but eventually takes on a life of its own. The song has a very memorable chorus and before you know it, you’ll find yourself singing along.

“Live how you want to live,
You want to live,
I want to live,
In my place in time”



Feel The Low may be the slowest track but to be honest, it is the most impactful. The gentle guitar intro sets the initial tempo but once Reese starts singing, he quickly grabs your attention as you’re easily pulled into his storytelling. Robert Sodaro’s drumming stays at a calming pace alongside the outpouring of emotion. There is a sadness, a yearning that unfolds before the listener. In addition, the strings and horns lead to a soaring build up where it all comes together in a mighty crescendo. This song will no doubt have an effect on some.

If down and dirty slide guitar playing is your thing, Mother Rebel is for you. The pace of the song has more of a laid-back feel but it is still captivating. Greg Braccio’s low end bass line heard running throughout is at the forefront and helps add to the overall vibe. Just as they started, we end on a high note. With its chaotic musical opening, Undesired is a spirited example of what Joyous Wolf embodies.

Overall, Joyous Wolf’s confidence, discipline and touch of unbridled energy really brings these songs to life. This is an album they can be proud of and others should truly enjoy the listening experience.

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