Four years after her departure from Flyleaf, vocalist and songwriter, Lacey Sturm, who delivered rock anthems, (Again, All Around Me, I’m So Sick and Fully Alive), to the top of the radio charts, released her debut solo album, Life Screams, February 12 on Followspot Records.

Writing alone, as well as with husband/guitarist Josh Sturm, Skillet’s Korey Cooper and Grammy Award winning writer and producer David Hodges, Lacey created a record that is the sonic successor to Flyleaf’s celebrated self-titled debut.

“In the beginning, Flyleaf really centered around my story and vision,” says the Platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated front woman of Flyleaf (through 2012). “This new project continues that narrative in a cohesive way.”

While there are no songs that should cause you to click the “skip” button on your preferred method of listening, from the eleven songs on the album, here are some of the tracks that really stand out.

Impossible: As the first song on the album, with its gradual build up to a kick-in-the-door chorus that includes Lacey’s trademark screaming vocals, this song is a great way to start the album and a reminder of what a powerhouse Lacey can be. With its catchy sing-along chorus, not to mention a top five position on the iTunes Rock Top Songs chart after it was released, its clearly a fan favorite.

I’m Not Laughing: As one of the heavier songs on the album, not to mention a lot of killer guitar, this is sure to get the crowd riled up in a live setting. Lacey’s screams at the end, “I’m not like you, I’ll never be like you,” with a strong conviction.

Vanity > Rot: Vanity appears to be a conversation/argument between two people about the definition of love and the impact it can have on two people depending on their perception of the feeling. The song immediately flows into Rot, with its chugging guitar and storytelling lyrics, as the song unfolds the realization of a pretty powerful message.

Life Screams: The title track starts and ends with prominent piano and drums, setting the pace, a mid-tempo song that really kicks into gear during the chorus, but is matched perfectly with Lacey’s vocals. The ability of her voice to draw you in is once again evident with each and every one of these songs.

Faith: Lacey’s calming voice sings hopefully over guitar notes, painting a picture of the story being told. While lyrics can often be left up to individual interpretation, it appears to be a love song of sorts, with the hope to never let the feelings fade away.

Roxanne (live): This may be a cover of The Police classic, however Lacey and company breathe a new life into the song and truly make it their own.

The entire album is full of meaningful lyrics, catchy choruses, and well written music that should translate really well live. Lacey and the musicians who brought these songs to life clearly left a part of themselves in each and every song. Purchase Life Screams on iTunes, Amazon and Best Buy.

1. Im possible
2. The Soldier
3. I’m Not Laughing
4. Vanity
5. Rot
6. You’re Not Alone
7. Feels Like Forever
8. Life Screams
9. Faith
10. Roxanne
11. Run to You

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