Me Like Bees, the indie rock quartet from Joplin, Missouri, are set to release their new EP, There Will Be Time, on April 8. Produced by John Feldmann (5 Seconds of Summer, Panic! at the Disco, Goldfinger), the forthcoming EP features four songs that not only make you think, but chances are, you may just want to listen to them on constant repeat.

Previously, guitarist Pete Burton commented how they took a bit of a different turn from where they usually go musically. “I would say we’re pretty happy with the end result though!” Happy is definitely a word I would use to describe the music on this EP. However, some of the lyrical content touches on a more serious topic.

With opening song Changes, lyrically the song paints a picture of two brothers going back home due to the death of their mother and eventually, from what I can tell, their father. With the line, “Changes are only hard in those lonelier times that we fear the most,” I get the sense that the song is about dealing with the passing of your parents. With upbeat music, along with the addition of horns, the song initially leads the listener down one path. It isn’t until you realize what the song is about that you really start to look at it in a different light.

The band have released a lyric video which can be seen here. Singer Luke Sheafer recently shared his thoughts on the song. “I’m really happy with how ‘Changes’ feels and sounds, given that we wrote the song with Feldy and recorded most of it in the same day. It was a blur and the first time I really heard the song in its entirety was when they sent us the first mix. It’s a close second favorite on the EP for me, behind the title track.

Honestly, when the band released the lyric video for Tundraland, it really caused me to pay attention. Not only does the beat of the song make you want to tap your foot or bob your head, the addition of horns really takes it up a notch. Like with the first song, Me Like Bees touch on the subject of death, but even more so, to me anyway, on the topic of making the most of your life.

The song itself has the listener think of a simple time. A time when the cold winter months would prove detrimental for those that would need a final resting place. “When I lived in Tundra Land we’d have to guess before the hand of winter’s tide how many’d die and dig them graves before the ground was ice.” Can you imagine the site of open graves and what that must have done to the human psyche?

The song continues to talk about an individual who has fallen ill and how he sees the mound of dirt that is piled up next to his own hole in the ground. A harsh reminder of his own mortality. However, to me, “Now in a minute there is time, time to waste or redefine, so plan your lot a minute long, don’t plan for years, that grave’s dug all along,” is a statement to make the most of every minute you have now, not years from now, because after all, who knows what tomorrow brings. “Even though I don’t feel just right, we’re making sure to take some time tonight.” With the ooo’s and lah-dah-dah’s in this song, I can easily see a crowd singing along in a live setting.

Watch the official video for Tundraland, featuring vocalist Luke Sheafer in an unusual, but fun role below.

Me Like Bees take their energy level down a bit with title track, There Will Be Time. However, don’t shy away from this one. With its acoustic sounding intro that leads into military style drumming, this song has some amazing harmonies. In my interpretation of the song, it’s about a person wanting to leave their current situation, to live a life they dream of, only to find out they waited too long. Now time has passed and they are still in the same place they once dreamed of leaving.

The final song, Hymns and Blues has a slight twang of an intro but the music immediately caused me to feel like I was driving on a summer day, windows down, with not a care in the world. This feeling also ties in with how I interpret the line, “We make our beds and we sleep in them with no regrets.” The song has some great guitar work and the steady beat of the drums makes you want to clap along and react in one way or another. Which to me, is always the sign of a great song.

I need to warn you. After you listen to the EP for the first time, your immediate reaction most likely will be, “Why aren’t there more songs?” Me Like Bees give you just enough of a tease to leave you wanting more. Hopefully they’ve got a few more songs in their back pocket for another EP or better yet, a full album. You can pre-order There Will Be Time starting March 11 on iTunes here or the band store here.


1. Changes
2. Tundraland
3. There Will Be Time
4. Hymns and Blues

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