Put Paralandra on your radar now. If the five songs on their debut EP, All Fall Down, are any indication of what the band is capable of, you’re going to want to jump on this rock train now. They’re going places.

Not that I immediately want to make up your mind for you, but vocalist Casandra Carson could easily be a vocal twin to Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. Casandra’s powerful voice definitely makes you stop and pay attention. The EP starts off with Alive, an in your face sounding song that appears to be about finding your way and not letting anyone hold you down or hold you back. “Because running isn’t just in dreams, going to find out what it means to feel alive.” This could be an anthem for anyone who is afraid to venture out on a path they’re unsure of or potentially a guide to making your dreams come true.

The message and the music in Heroes speaks volumes. With each lyric, the music gradually builds up more and more until you get to the explosive anthemic chorus and Casandra’s passionate scream at the beginning, “We are the heroes!” Once again, the guitar work running all throughout this song is full and quite tasty sounding. Below are a few verses taken from the entire song, that stood out to me.

“For the waitress, wearing the face we want to see
For the donors, you’re giving your life away for free
For the soldiers, defending those who curse their name
You’re the fathers and your children have been ripped out of your hands
You’re the teachers, you’re the leaders, who’ve been stripped of all control
We are the heroes, we do what you cannot bare”

The most toned down song on the EP, Gravity appears to tell the story of a couple who have grown apart and their struggle with the relationship. I also get the slightest hint of similarity to Alone by Heart. The soft guitar work during the verses in this song allow the listener to direct their focus on the story as it unfolds.

If an angel were to front a rock band, All Fall Down is the song she would sing. The ethereal flow of Casandra’s vocals really draw you in. Add to that the contrast of the heavy guitar and you have one amazing song. The guitar solo made me to feel like I was being lead down a path, on a journey of sorts. It’s really amazing how much is interpreted visually in ones mind while listening to music. Watch the lyric video below.

With vocals similar to the previous song, in Fortunate Ones Casandra also sounds gritty and raw and she has one hell of a yell. Once again, the rapid guitar fire on top of the steady beat of the drums work perfectly in unison to bring to light a very powerful song.

If you’re the type who likes a strong female vocal, killer guitar riffs and a hard rock attitude, Paralandra are definitely for you. Plus, if these five songs are even a hint of what else they have to offer, they are sure to make huge waves all throughout 2016 and beyond.

Order physical copies of the All Fall Down EP and find special bundles including an autographed band poster here. Pre-order on iTunes here.

The band are currently on tour. Find all dates here.


All Fall Down
Fortunate Ones

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