If the members of Spraygun War look familiar, there’s a good chance you already know who they are. Josh Todd and Stevie Dacanay from Buckcherry have stepped out of the rock circle to take part in their own side project. Much like your own personal playlist, which may include a variety of artists and styles of music, Todd and Dacanay have done the exact same thing with the release of their EP, Into The Blackness. When you take that first listen, hang on, you’re in for an unexpected ride.

The first single and first track on Into the Blackness, OMG, starts off with a sample portion of a few lines from Charlie Chaplin’s speech from the 1940 film, The Great Dictator. “Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.” The sample continues with a few more lines from the speech including, “Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness. Soldiers, in the name of democracy, let us all unite!” As the music continues with warped sounding beats you might not be expecting, the song makes a powerful statement lyrically, “You want war, cause when you’re dead, you’re dead!
Josh Todd has always said what’s on his mind in the form of his lyrics and this song is no exception.
Watch the official video below.

If you know anything about lyrics in Buckcherry songs, after listening to Booty Big and Wide, this one will come as no surprise, although the unexpected dubstep sounding intro will make you stop and take notice. This song has trademark sounding vocals from Todd and Dacanay’s guitar playing is a nice accent. On Turn Out The Lights, which is driven by a drum and cymbal opening, the calming vocals from Todd give the song an ethereal vibe which is layered over heavy beats.

The DJ scratching at the beginning of El Sicario and the steady beats throughout the song pairs nicely with the mellow easy-going lyrics sung by Todd which is a stark contrast to the topic of a hitman. Lyrically the song paints a picture of a deal gone wrong, and also includes Todd singing a few words in Spanish, “aqui viene el sicario (here comes the hitman).” This song also has the most prominent and memorable sounding guitar solo from Dacanay which really makes it stand out from the rest of the song.

Much like the title already states, Fury has an intensity about it that is electric and energetic. The combination of music and various beats in the chorus really amp up the vibe and to be honest, is the highlight of the song. “I’m bringing that! Fury! Gotta hit that! Fury! I’m bringing that! Fury! On the right track! Fury!” To a degree, I feel this should be the background music for a video game or Japanese anime. Overall the DJ scratching and radical beats make this one a lot of fun and it really lends itself to being played on repeat.

If you’re open to listening to something different, take a chance on Into The Blackness. You might just find yourself reacting to the music in a way that gets you motivated, pumped up or in a mindset to just have a good time. I’m pretty sure Josh Todd and Stevie Dacanay had a lot of fun making this EP. Besides if you’re not having fun, what’s the point?

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