If you’re a fan of Beatallica and live in or near Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana or Finland, you’re going to be one happy Beatalli-camper. If you don’t, keep reading anyway. Beatallica have announced they are headed to Finland for the first time to headline two dates at the 2016 Tampere Beatles Happening. To prepare for Finland, Beatallica have three Midwest dates planned for 2016 in Chicago, South Bend and Milwaukee. Tickets on sale soon at the venue links below. They will be performing their last album, Abbey Load, in its entirety.

*February 6 at Live Wire in Chicago. Tickets available here soon.
*February 19 at Smith’s Downtown in South Bend, IN. Tickets available here soon.
*February 27 at Club Garibaldi in Milwaukee, WI. Tickets available here soon.
*March 4 and March 5 at Tampere Beatles Happening in Tampere, Finland. Info here and here.

Betallica’s history dates back to 2001 with what originally started off as a spoof. The band soon became a reality gaining quite a following. Beatallica’s music is a combination of songs by The Beatles and Metallica filled with familiar riffs, clever song titles and plenty of guitar-fueled energy.

Purchase Abbey Load on iTunes here and other various Beatallica releases on Amazon here.


Beatallica are:
Jaymz OH!NOOO! Lennfield (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Grg Hammetson III (lead guitar/backing vocals)
Kliff McBurtney (lead bass/backing vocals)
Ringo Larz (drums)

Follow Beatallica:
Official website


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