Beauty In The Suffering, the electro-metal project from producer DieTrich Thrall (DOYLE, MARAZENE), have posted a teaser in the form of a 90-second video collage highlighting their upcoming releases.

The teaser includes an audio sample of the band’s cover of The Outfield’s 80’s hit single, Your Love, available February 9 and the debut EP to follow, February 16. The complete sampler includes N.G.F.D. (Never Gonna F***ing Die), Your Love (The Outfield), Reveille and Juliet. View the video below.

“For as long as I can remember I have always heard music in my head. Usually while I am in songwriting mode and I start scatting scratch vocals I will get a good sense of a lyrical theme and from there a story emerges. Sometimes the story is vast and communal and sometimes it’s just a feeling or a mood and much more personal.

“From every aspect of this project; music, lyrics, album artwork, and video, I wanted to try and create a multi-media experience that would shine a light from different angles on different core aspects of concepts that were running around in my head despite all of the financial roadblocks most independent bands face.

“For my band’s first videos it just so happens the first couple of songs took a zombie apocalypse turn. But whether the setting is that of a dystopian future or focuses on interpersonal pain from the present or demons from the past my goal has and will always be to enhance the musical experience through a cinematic approach.” – DieTrich Thrall

About Beauty In The Suffering: Artist & producer DieTrich Thrall is known among industrial-metal fans for his work in the band Marazene (AKA: Marazene Machine), who scored a hit – and the approval of rock legends Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee – with their extreme cover of Motley Crüe’s Live Wire as well as horror punk fans during his touring stint with Misfits guitar legend Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein’s solo project Doyle.

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