Beware Of Darkness have announced their sophomore album, Are You Real?, will be released later this year via Bright Antenna Records. Highlighted by saw-toothed, satin guitar riffs that slice into crushing grooves, the alternative rock album is the band’s biggest and boldest statement yet.

Fronted by Kyle Nicolaides, Are You Real? serves as an urgent call to arms for not only the singer, but for the band’s sound as well. The music ushers the rebirth of a sound that is as refreshing as it is exciting, and goes much deeper than riffs.

Nicolaides comments: “We all have different seasons in our life. Muthafucka is a song about ending a particularly harrowing season of your life, and vowing that you’ll never, ever go back there. It’s a song about rebirth and redemption, making the statement; see that guy who I used to be? He’s gone and this is the new me. Inspired and ready to stand up and fight.”

A lyric video for the new single, Muthafucka, originally premiered on Clash but can now be seen below. No one ever said you couldn’t combine adorable kittens with rock ‘n roll.

Since the release of the band’s debut album Orthodox in 2013, Nicolaides’ journey has come full circle. After trolling the depths and sludging through the bleak, Are You Real? is the story of how a rock star on the rise fought uncertainty and disillusionment to avoid flaming out. More importantly, how he came through the other side revitalized and focused and with the best songs of his young career.

Purchase Muthafucka on iTunes here.


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