Black Friday is arguably the biggest shopping day of the year. Whether or not you choose to participate in buying loved ones gifts at traditional stores, if you’re a fan of music, the releases for this year’s Black Friday Record Store Day may be just enough incentive to get you to leave the warmth of you home to go stand in line for some music.

However, Record Store Day is not only about the music. The goal was and continues to be about promoting and celebrating the independent music store. As a result, those fine folks behind the idea of Record Store Day continue to work with stores, labels, artists, managers and distributors to create special pieces, available only at independent record stores, for the holiday shopping season. You can look at it two ways. With the original RSD taking place in April, when you add the Black Friday releases, that’s two awesome times a year to take advantage of supporting your favorite bands and record stores.

You can view the 2015 Black Friday Record Store Day list in two ways.

Download a printable PDF version here to bring with you while you shop. There’s a lot of titles this year so use it as a handy dandy shopping list.

View the list online here to see photos and specific details on the releases.

As always, keep this in mind when you’re contemplating releases on Record Store Day.

*There are three sections of the list: EXCLUSIVES, SMALL RUN and RSD FIRST.  Exclusives are just that, exclusive to participating indie record stores.  A SMALL RUN title means that the number being created is less than 1000 and they put this list together so people would know and have realistic expectations about what will be available. RSD FIRST are titles that are available first at record stores, but at some point will be available elsewhere.

*Record stores who participate in Record Store Day are all very unique. Stores stock their own shelves, and not all of them will bring in every title. It’s always a good idea to talk with your local store about what you’re looking for, and what they would normally stock.

*Records come on and off release schedules all the time, and our list is no exception. This is a work in progress and changes will be made to the list as we’re made aware of titles that may not make that Black Friday street date, or exciting additions to the list.

*Almost all of these titles are limited in release, and that serves to help make them even more special. But that also means that not all stores will have as many as they’d like to bring in, and that some people who want them may not be able to buy them. It’s not the intention of Record Store Day, and it’s not the store’s intention, to be grinchy and keep things from people, but as with everything that’s  limited edition, there simply may not be enough to go around. Please let’s all be grownups when faced with this reality, and when having conversations with the folks behind the counters.

Want to know if your local record store is participating? Look for them here and then give them a call to find out what they may have planned for the day.

View the Black Friday Record Store Day Frequently Asked Questions here.

Looking for some cool RSD merch? Find that here.

Record Store Day was conceived in 2007 at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly 1400 independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally.

Official Record Store Day Website


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