Black Stone Cherry have released a lyric video for Soul Machine one week prior to the release of their new album Kentucky. After one listen, you may just find you need to listen to it again and again.

Here is a snippet on Soul Machine and the album in general from our upcoming review coming next week.

“This song is exactly who Black Stone Cherry was, is, and hopefully always will be. They took several familiar elements, think the picking style of Soul Creek and add in the effects of Fiesta Del Fuego, horns, gospel style background singers and a huge chorus. Put them all in the backseat of ’57 Chevy and hit the gas, you’ll get the idea.”

On Kentucky, not only has the band returned home to their roots both physically and sonically, the band has further embraced who they are and have taken their classic rock vibe with a modern twist to a level that would be investigated for growth hormones, were it in Major League Baseball.”

Kentucky will be available April 1, but you can pre-order on iTunes today and get The Way Of The Future, In Our Dreams, The Rambler and Soul Machine instantly.


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