What is Gourmet Man Food? Let’s start with what it’s NOT.

*It’s not sitting in a lazy boy in your t-shirt eating Doritos and Velveeta cheese while watching football.
*It’s not small portions on sparse plates.
*It’s not pretentious.
*It’s not for the faint of heart.
*It’s not for a day you are counting calories.
*And, it’s not just for men…

Gourmet Man Food (“GMF”) has been part of American culture since pioneers starting experimenting with their Cowboy menus to kick it up a notch. Since then it’s become a phenomenon of artistically created statement making food, served in large portions with a powerful presentation. #GourmetManFood is a unique twist to foods you know mixed with flavors you don’t expect.

Not many festivals put as much focus on the food as they do the music, but the Chicago Open Air Festival are bringing plenty of vendors with mouth-watering items that will get you as excited about the food as you are about the bands. Check out some of the vendors below.

APORKALYPSE NOW: The Ultimate Gourmet Man Food experience serving up crowd favorites slow smoked in our in-house traditional southern pit.

CHEEZE LOUISE: Cheeze Louise offers gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, signature Mac n cheese varieties and an array of homemade soups.

CHICAGO DOGHOUSE: Opened in the summer of ’09 as a mix between Gourmet and Fast Food, our Game Sausages are always changing.

CRAVIN’ CAJUN: Traditional New Orleans style favorites featuring authentic Cajun and Creole spices.

DIA DE LOS TAMALES: Revolutionary Tamales made in a chef-driven, eco-conscious kitchen. Dia de Los Tamales will be featuring a few signature tamales.

PIZANOS: Chicago Deep Dish.

THE HAPPY LOBSTER: Chicago’s own, the Happy Lobster features the freshest Maine Lobster in variety of mouth-watering menu items.

KUMA’S CORNER: Kuma’s Corner offers the best burgers on the planet! We’re a gourmet burger bar that has been dominating for over 10 years! We also name all our menu items after metal bands.

Check out the complete offerings from the food vendors here.

Purchase tickets to Chicago Open Air Festival here.

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