As part of their Die Mother F–ker Die reunion tour campaign, Dope have launched a pre-order for their first ever live album, which will be available in June. The 21 song set was recorded live in Russia and features the classic Dope lineup of Edsel Dope, Acey Slade, Virus, & Racci Shay.

The live album celebrates the first time this old school line up have performed together on stage in more than 13 years. A Dope U.S. Headline tour, featuring this classic line up, is the first goal of their campaign, with the ultimate payoff of taking the reunion tour around the globe throughout 2016.

“The United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia are all part of the plan,” says Edsel Dope. “We are all stoked with the insane amount of enthusiasm from fans asking us to bring this line up around the world.”

The live album is only available here and will not be available on iTunes or in retail stores.

In addition to the live album, the band plans to film the entire tour, with the intention of creating Dope’s first ever live DVD. Aside from the live performance piece, the DVD will include tons of classic backstage footage, unreleased music videos, and various, never before seen clips spanning the band’s entire career.

As incentive for fans to participate, Dope have put together some awesome, exclusive merch packages for the campaign, including featuring every participants name in the liner notes. Other perks include various autographed items including individual keyboard keys, hand-written lyrics, clothing bundles, posters, instruments and more. Check out the details here.

In addition, the campaign features an in depth video interview (shown below) with Edsel Dope. He shares his personal feelings on the reunion tour and various details of the Die MF Die campaign. He also provides an update on Dope’s upcoming studio album, Blood Money, which he personally promises will be released later this year via E1 Entertainment.

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