Chicago based, The Million Reasons, will release their debut EP, The Runaround, digitally February 17, 2017. The band describes themselves as “garage pop-rock for summer nights and long rides” and this six song EP definitely goes hand in hand with that statement.

The EP starts with Break Free, a punchy sounding song with fast riffs, heavy bass lines, and an enthralling guitar solo. The song also gives the listener a taste of the vocal range of lead singer, Scott Nadeau.

The guitar work at the beginning of Hooked immediately grabs your attention and continues with big fat bass tones before you get to the opening lyric, “You’ve got me hooked.” With its catchy chorus and prominent guitar work throughout the song, not to mention the solo by guitarist Ken Ugel, this one will definitely be on your mind. Watch the lyric video below.

Originally released as their debut song, Earlybird, takes a sharp right turn musically from the previous two songs. Pop influences are prevalent in this one and you may even find the song puts a little dance in your step. Liar has a certain flair about it and the band’s focus is once again on their rock roots. The band creates a musical backdrop that works well with the lyrical content of the song.

The City Is Ours, another song with a tad more pop influence, has an upbeat flow that consistently runs from beginning to end making it a very enjoyable song. Plus, you can’t help but react positively over the possible thought process behind the line, “The rest of the world is waiting to hear our songs, so play it loud, the world is ours for the taking.”

After an unexpected drum intro, Sad Robot continues with a unique guitar tone before turning into a chunky sounding, hard driving song about disconnecting. While the first portion of the song feels slightly odd, it’s the spotlight on the guitar in the back half that really helps the EP end on a high note.

Overall, The Runaround is a solid debut release. Stream it on Spotify and Bandcamp, along with their previously released singles Hooked and Earlybird or purchase the EP on iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.


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