Atlanta, GA modern rockers POYNTE (pronounced Point) recently shot an epic 4k music video with director Andrew Burn. POYNTE chose to shoot in multiple locations within their hometown that reflected a post-apocalyptic, war-torn world. The band’s goal from the beginning was to bring their artwork to life and they feel they have. Founding guitarist Matt Bryant stated, “We wanted this album to be multi-layered, but still have a connectivity or flow to it. So given the opportunity, we took that idea and simply expanded it to the visual side of things.”

Taking the vision of artist Alan OW Barnes and giving it life, POYNTE cast Atlanta-based artist Janice Rago to fill the role of the young heroine and they utilized their former drummer and aspiring actor, Alex Yeremenko, for the role of the Discreet Enemy. Alex has acting credits in several blockbusters like The Hunger Games and the Fast & Furious series. Rounding out the cast is another Atlanta native, Matt Canady, as the gas-mask adorned wild man that begins the chase. Watch the official video below.

At its core, the video is a love story, but given the ending, it’s more of a Shakespearean tragedy. The young heroine has been separated from her love as he serves his obligations as a soldier. As things get worse over time, the “kill or be killed” mentality takes over and in the end, she’s left with a situation where she must face which scenario is actually worse.

When asked the question as to why the Discreet Enemy had to die, guitarist Jake O’Donnell had something very interesting to say, “Tragedy is something this band knows a lot about. (Vocalist) Kenny was in an accident that left him with a titanium jaw. (Drummer) Josh was in an accident that nearly tore his shoulder in half. Matt has been in a bad auto accident. Hell, my first show with the band, I played it with a broken ankle.” He continues, “We convey a pretty positive message in our lyrics, but felt we should represent the dark side of things as well and this video presented the perfect opportunity.

POYNTE may be showing a bit of a darker side, but the future certainly looks bright from this vantage point.

Check out the gallery of photos from guitarist Jake O’Donnell below.

You can catch POYNTE on tour with headliners, Screaming For Silence and their bearded brethren in Guns Out At Sundown. POYNTE tour dates start March 29 at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA continuing through April 30 at Shorthorn’s Saloon in Tera Alta, WV. Tour dates with Screaming for Silence headlining start on April 7 through April 29. Find all POYNTE dates and ticket links here.

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