Northern California’s Lionheart have released Love Don’t Live Here, their first full-length album in four years, via LHHC Records (a label formed by the band members themselves). The album is also available in Europe and Asia via BDHW Records. To coincide with the new album, Lionheart have also released a video, directed by Will DaRosa, for the title track. Watch the video below.

“This is, by far, the most personal song I’ve ever written,” says vocalist Rob Watson. “I wrote this song about the darkest point in my life and when I was at my absolute lowest. In my opinion, this is one of the best songs we’ve ever written and the most important song on the album.”

Rob Watson on the new album, “This album represents everything we’ve ever wanted to do with our music. It’s heavy, it’s pissed, it’s original, and it’s honest- something that’s missing in a lot of music nowadays.”

Purchase Love Don’t Live Here on iTunes or the CD version and other merchandise at All In Merch here.

European fans can catch the band on tour with with Desolated, Kublai Khan and Fallbrawl this February. Find all dates here.

Lionheart, the Bay Area’s reigning kings of heavy hardcore, first stormed onto the scene in 2007 with their debut album, The Will To Survive, releasing three more between 2010 and 2014. Now, Lionheart returns in January 2016 with their most punishing album to date. Love Don’t Live Here is a nod to a classic R&B/ Motown song by the same name, showing the band’s unwillingness to conform to the typical hardcore mold, as well as the bitter and unforgiving lyrical content the band is known for. LDLH is a journey through a life rarely lived but often imitated. Backed by a combination of blistering metallic hardcore and west coast groove, front-man Rob Watson offers a window into a life of pain, despair, and an unrelenting will to overcome.


1.) Pain
2.) Keep Talkin’
3.) Witness
4.) Bury Me
5.) Love Don’t Live Here
6.) Rewind
7.) Still
8.) New Enemies
9.) Lock Jaw
10.) Dead Wrong
11.) Going Back To The Bay

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