At the beginning of January, Mick Mars posted an update on his Facebook page stating he was going into the studio. “Feeling the grit today. Going into the recording studio. New fresh, sleazy, greasy stuff flowing through me & Izzabella. Time to get mean. AGAIN.”

A week later, he posted another update, “Back to Blackbird studio. So much new music flowing through my head to tape. A real reel to reel.”

The very next day he commented again, this time posting the photo below. “Blackbird studio yesterday. Dave Natale, John McBride, (owner) another John, & me. What a great great time I’m havin creating new, fresh, greasy LOUD ASS, slamming music.”


Most folks may recognize “another John” as the one and only John Corabi. These two are no strangers at working together as John had his hand in writing and sang lead vocals on the self-titled 1994 Motley Crue album. To see these two working together again has many fans rejoicing.

Mick continued to post photos from the studio with comments on how much he was enjoying doing his own music. However, after receiving many requests from fans, on Saturday, February 13, he posted two song clips . The wait is over. Listen below to the two teasers, Gimme Blood and Shake the Cage, both featuring John Corabi.

Fans can download the two teasers on the 1313LLC website here.


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