Performing on the final day of Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Steepwater Band showed attendees why Rock ‘n’ Roll is best served with a side of Blues. Playing on the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard stage, their set was made up of songs from their latest album, Shake Your Faith, along with many others from their well-rounded catalog.

The two-guitar dynamic shared between lead singer Jeff Massey and guitarist Eric Saylors not only gave the band a richer sound, but the audience was left with a lasting impression of many memorable songs. With the addition of lap steel, played by Saylors, on Hard As Stone, throughout the set, each member of the band had a chance to play to their strengths. Even drummer Joe Winters broke free during his drum solo as part of their popular song, High and Humble (Clava, 2011).

There was plenty of slide guitar playing throughout the night not to mention a healthy dose of funk as bassist Tod Bowers provided his own flare at the start of Come On Down. His inclusion of an homage to funk masters Parliament with a bit of Give Up The Funk, was a delight to many. Overall, their set was a shining example of how an influence of the blues has left a lasting impression on those willing to listen and that live music is still one of the best forms of entertainment.

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