Badflower, a relatively newer band, had the opening slot on the Rock ‘N’ Roll Now Tour: Right Now tour featuring headliner Pop Evil and Red Sun Rising. Badflower’s set at the House of Blues in Chicago would start off unlike most others and end with a bang!

Before the show even started, fans down front had spotted a familiar face side stage. Puzzled over spotting a celebrity, it soon became clear why he was there. Prior to Badflower taking the stage, The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki walked out and said a few words before introducing his favorite new band. With only thirty minutes to impress the Chicago crowd, they wasted no time and got right down to it with Drop Dead, one of four songs they would play from their 2016 EP, Temper.

This aggressive opener was exactly what got the attention of everyone in the crowd and the band continued the pace with Soap, previously released in 2015. With quick choppy sounding guitars, singer/guitarist Josh Katz played a Fender and guitarist Joey Morrow played a Gibson, the song had a real angst about it.

Body Count started with and kept an easy-going tempo that quickly had heads bobbing back and forth in the crowd. The way bassist Alex Espiritu moved around the stage, including his long hair flying, it was as if the music was directly controlling his body movements. As they went into Jester, with a steady lead in by drummer Anthony Sonetti, you could hear the ever so slight hint of some blues undertones. With the intensity that Josh sang the line, “Is there anybody out there looking out for me,” you could really feel the true emotion in his voice. Watching him throughout the night you got the sense that he’s an intense person, but in a good way, and his feelings appear to shine through not only with his vocals but through the expressions on his face.

They continued with Let The Band Play, another from their Temper EP, and a song with some fantastic guitar work from Joey and a song that seemed to captivate all band members on stage as if they had no control over their actions. The intro of the next song appeared as if they were going to slow it down a bit, but the chorus of Heroin kicked in, and it was a great combination to their very haunting sounding lyrics.

Badflower saved the best for last with Animal.  This is one of the more addictive sounding songs I’ve heard. You may think you’re getting just another rock song, but when Josh’s mesmerizing vocals hook you in, you don’t even realize the music is getting ready to spring on you. Once it does, especially when you hear those ridiculously good bass lines, it’s got a hold and doesn’t let go. If anyone wonders if there are bands that are still hungry in this business, the answer is a resounding yes! Check out their music and find tour dates here and watch the video for Animal here.

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