brokenrail-ep-coverAlabama based hard rock band BrokenRail will release their self-titled EP on November 25. The EP was engineered and produced by Joseph McQueen in Burbank, CA, and mixed and mastered by Kane Churko in Las Vegas, NV and Logan Mader (Bullet For My Valentine & Butcher Babies mixer/producer, former guitarist of Machine Head).

“We’re really excited about the EP and felt an obligation to offer our fans something while the album’s release remains delayed. We’ve been getting so much demand from new fans as well. They’re constantly asking us at our shows if we have a CD or ‘Where can I get that song?’ that it was just time to get something out there.” – Lead singer, Blake Clawson

The EP opens with Memory and right away BrokenRail grab your attention. Prominent guitar work coupled with rapid fire drumming really sets the tone and Blake Clawson’s singing during the chorus hints at the familiar vocal styling of David Draiman (Disturbed). The more you listen, the more the song easily gets stuck in your head.

Walk Again, which was previously released on iTunes, starts out as a fast-paced, hard driving number that switches gears a bit. The gravel-like singing from Clawson turns to a smoother sounding melody as he belts out the chorus. However, sounding angry and determined, he drives his point across in the song’s final notes.

On Save Me, BrokenRail round out the EP with a final offering showcasing their musical talent at being able to hook the listener and keep them engaged. The song has a catchy chorus and more of the memorable guitar work found on the other two songs. Clearly the hard rock genre fits them nicely and one can imagine the songs would come across even better in the live setting.

Purchase Walk Again, the single, on iTunes here and watch the video below.

About BrokenRail: Following the path set by legends such as Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Hinder, and Shinedown, Alabama rockers BrokenRail set out to make their own mark in modern music with their own blend of post-grunge rock. The band, Blake Clawson (vocals), Nelson Rezek (guitar), Dick Black (bass), and Alex Hilton (drums), work endlessly to get their music heard worldwide. BrokenRail’s music has been featured on ESPN, NBC Sports, and, most recently, Tony Hawk’s RIDE Channel. The band was also nominated in their home state in 2016 for the Alabama Music Awards “Rock Artist of the Year.”

As Clawson puts it, “Great rock comes from strong emotion. People can tell when it’s real, something you’ve actually been through yourself. If you want lies, you won’t find them here.”

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