Playing Summerfest for the very first time, Los Angeles based Dorothy performed at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse stage in Milwaukee, WI. Lead by singer Dorothy Martin, it didn’t take very long to engage everyone in attendance as her voice was a perfect match to the often upbeat, toe-tapping blend of rock and blues with a heavy dose of soulful feeling.

Throughout the course of the 50-minute set, you could tell many in the crowd were already familiar with the band’s music as they could be seen singing. However, many in the crowd were also moving and clapping along in general. Others had looks of amazement over their reaction to possibly hearing the band for the first time, but overall the vibe had people feeling pretty good.

Previous album, Rockisdead, releases included the fast-paced Whiskey Fever and foot-stompin’ Raise Hell. These flowed seamlessly into newer songs like the slightly funky sounding Ain’t Our Time To Die and the peppy, upbeat Who Do You Love. Dorothy got serious for a second before playing Flawless as she told everyone that being around toxic people can be like poison. She said if anyone was struggling with anything, it would pass. Bottom line, don’t let it get you down. Based on many in the crowd, this also was a fan favorite.

Down To The Bottom, with its dirty sounding guitars and similar stomp, stomp beat pattern was also a crowd favorite and the entire band providing backing vocals gave the song such a massive sounding presence over the outdoor crowd. Freedom, another new song, with its larger than life sound really had the audience captivated. While I didn’t catch the title of the last song played, it was a fantastic way to end. The entire flow of the set was a powerful statement to the band’s chops and the passion heard in Dorothy’s vocals. As I watched the crowd disperse, it was pretty evident the crowd was more than happy with Dorothy’s performance.

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