As part of the Emerging Artists Series at Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival, The Regrettes performed on the Johnson Controls World Stage in Milwaukee, WI. Their almost 45-minute set was all about the music as barefoot vocalist Lydia Night did little talking between songs which allowed the performance to speak loudly on their behalf.

Labeled as a garage pop/punk band from Los Angeles, their music also had a real throwback sound to the 50’s and 60’s, with just a very subtle hint of surf music, ala The Ventures. While dual guitars give their music that pop of energy needed for the punk vibe, the three part harmonies from Lydia Night, guitarist Genessa Gariano and bassist Sage Nicole will make you stop and do a double-take. One word. Amazing.

The unexpected combination of musical style and tempo coming from these four musicians, also included is drummer Maxx Morando, who played with a silent but powerful confidence, took people on a ride that was a full on feel good vibe. Which, after playing just a few songs, the Summerfest crowd was all in 100%.

They played a variety of songs from their latest album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, including Juicebox Baby, Hey Now, Picture Perfect and A Living Human Girl. After getting a big reaction to their cover of Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz, they had the crowd in their hands. They played a few more songs including Seashore (watch the recently released video below) which has one of my favorite lines, “And I’ll still kick your ass, even in my skirt.”

The set ended with Hot, a fast punk sounding song. Had there not been stationary benches in place, the crowd probably would have gotten a lot crazier with some moshing action. Once the song was over, Lydia waved to the crowd and said “Bye!” then asked about the kettle corn guy. There’s nothing better at a festival than hearing great music and eating kettle corn, right? Right!

Purchase their latest album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, on iTunes and Amazon. Find tour dates here.

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