Royal Bliss are getting ready to celebrate their twentieth year as a band with a show at The Royal, in their hometown in Salt Lake City, Utah. Based on this long history, there is no doubt that they continue to survive the industry ups and downs playing by their own rules and just never giving up. As bands across all genres ponder the ideal opportunity at getting their music heard, Royal Bliss are doing things on their own terms including surprising fans with the release of another single and video for Devil With Angel Eyes.

At first listen, you may think this is a slow tempo tune, but after about thirty seconds, that true Royal Bliss flavor comes floating through your speakers. Not only do you get an early hint at some serious down and dirty playing that appears later in the song, there is a refreshing sound in the form of female backing vocals.

When we asked lead vocalist, Neal Middleton about the writing collaboration with Camilyn Morrison, he had this to share, “The girl who sang on it is Camilyn’s friend, Rickae Robbins. I have written songs with her [Morrison] in the past, and this was one we did a while ago but it came back up in conversations and she suggested that Royal Bliss give it a shot. The guys were in to it so we put the Royal Bliss vibe on it.” On working with bassist Brian Hennesy, who joined the band last year, Middleton added, “It [Devil With Angel Eyes] was the first time recording with him and letting him create his vibe on a song, we are currently writing together on some new jams.”

While some lyrics can often be left up to the interpretation of the listener, this one spoke loudly when I first heard it. Not only was I hearing a lyrical homage to other well-known songs, I couldn’t help but think that the “Devil” in this case was music and or the music business. Middleton confirmed, “You hit it on the head. The record industry is a sultry bitch that seduces you with its promises of awesome. People telling you who to be and what to play. At some point you just need to realize you just got to play what you love and not give a sh-t what anyone else thinks. Except the fans of course.”

Once again, Royal Bliss worked with AJ Satterfield on the new video and it is a combination of Middleton riding a motorcycle surrounded by scenic landscape and live concert and studio footage. As Middleton put it, “We feel it shows the real Royal Bliss and we liked that.” Watch the video below.

There is something to be said about the freedom of the open road, whether you’re in a car or on a motorcycle, and the feeling one can get from listening to music. Devil With Angel Eyes is everything you want in a song and chances are it will only take a couple listens before you find yourself humming along to the chorus without even realizing it. Oh and that down and dirty guitar sound mentioned earlier? Just take a listen to the end of the song and tell me those aren’t some of the tastiest licks you’ve heard in a while.

Middleton confirmed the band are writing new songs and that they will be recording in various studios around the country throughout the year. They may even release another song or two. And because it’s good to have a sense of humor, when given the chance to mention any other info, Middleton added, “We kick ass and have huge …………brains. Royal Bliss is back !! and better than ever.” 

Royal Bliss currently have dates listed here with more to come during the Summer months and into Fall.

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Devil With Angel Eyes by Royal Bliss on VEVO.


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