Macclesfield artist, The Virginmarys are teed up to release Sitting Ducks September 22. The 4-song EP is a collection of new songs including first single, the mesmerising Sweet Loretta, which was a past Classic Rock Magazine ‘Tracks Of the Week’ winner (View the lyric video below). Self-produced, the release carries the mantra of ‘Peace, Love, Truth, Music’ and is a cutting and sincere piece that speaks directly to what it is to live, love, and lose.

Wanting to directly connect to their fans, The Virginmarys chose to self-release the EP. Frontman Ally Dickaty comments, “We’ve always been hard to pigeonhole and we thank our fans time and again for letting us be ourselves so we can grow together. We have an army of incredibly dedicated fans and our live shows have become all the more special for it. In these unpredictable times, we want to be part of the answer and put something true into the world.”

As a follow up to their critically acclaimed 2016 release, Divides, the new songs showcase both light and shade whereas Divides reflected the fear and darkness of unpredictable times. Dickaty explains, “We wanted to release some music that the fans can move to and feel, sonics and words that make them feel empowered, but never lose that heartbreaking quality.” The title track embodies the opening part of this statement immediately as the dance vibe of the song welcomes the listener to let the music flow through them, weaving beats as if along a current of electricity.

The mesmerizing musical composition and melodic vocals in Sweet Loretta follow an upbeat pattern that grabs the listener, easily luring them into the heart of the song. While Through The Sky remains a shining example of the energy obtained in the band’s live set. Aggressive, heart-pounding, intense.

Fans of The Virginmarys will find the brutally honest tone in Ally’s vocals in Sleep both powerful and impactful. Once again, his impassioned lyrics are a true testament to his songwriting capabilities. The song is a true discovery into the mind of a songwriter who genuinely is able to express his feelings in one of the most beloved mediums out there. Overall, the four songs are a great indicator of the strengths of a band that is committed to creating quality, memorable music that will stand the test of time.

The Virgimarys have been making a huge impression on people in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere since their 2013 release, King of Conflict. From their engaging music to their explosive live set, The Virginmarys have left a lasting impression on all willing to listen.

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