Wilson, the highly energetic rock band from Detroit, have released a video for their song Give ‘Em Hell, from their 2015 release Right to Rise.

The band posted on their Facebook page that the video embodies the very DNA of the band. “If you’re into kicking ass and taking names, no matter who or what the competition, this masterpiece is for you. It’s got blood, guts and glory. A ‘no holds barred’ fun filled, roller coaster of fury coupled with the swiftest kick to your family jewels. Live for the thrill, cause it’s kill or be killed motherfuckers!”

Watch the video below. If you think you know how it ends, you’ll be in for a surprise. But then again, if you know Wilson, well, it’s no surprise at all.

Purchase Right to Rise or the single Give ‘Em Hell on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, purchase CD or vinyl here or listen on Spotify.

Wilson are currently on tour overseas. Find all dates here.

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