With copious amounts of music and bands to choose from these days, you may ask yourself, “Where does one start if they are looking for new music?” To be honest, turning on your favorite radio station, opening your favorite streaming app or just good old YouTube will do the trick. The key is just to start somewhere, keep your mind open and enjoy the musical rabbit hole you’re bound to fall into. Or, you can look for articles like this to jump start your listening adventure.

Take for instance, Black Coffee. A three-piece band from Columbus, Ohio who are looking to make their mark in the world with their latest release, Take One. Reminiscent of raw, no bullsh-t Rock ‘n’ Roll of the past, Black Coffee’s album is full of down and dirty, guitar driven songs that get right to the sweet spot. Where music has no boundaries, no restrictions and it’s all about a good time.

Black Coffee themselves will tell you, “We are a band that write, record, and play like it’s 1972. This album represents what we believe is real, raw music. No click tracks, no triggers, and no pitch correction. Just a bunch of hippies in a room.”

Don’t be deceived by the slow opener, Creamer, which only clocks in at 43 seconds. This two-song combination play on words (and if it’s not, it should have been) leads into the band’s first single and gives a true taste of what you can expect from vocalist, Ehab Omran, who also pulls double-duty on bass. I Barely Know Her really gets to the heart of the band’s sound. Thick, heavy bass lines, dirty, groove-driven guitar licks and a rhythmic back beat keeping it all in time. Take a listen for yourself by watching the video that was shot, directed and produced by John Payne of Payne Productions below.

If you like your guitars fast and loud, then hold on, because a Hurricane is comin’ for ya! This song really whips things into a frenzy as it blazes a path through your ear holes. In my opinion, guitarist Justin Young is a guitar genius (although, he may hold a certificate as such). I can only imagine how fun the intensity of this song is in a live setting.

The band shows their funky side with Monica and to be honest, every band should have a little bit of that sound in their back pocket. At the half way mark, we get to Born To Lie, with its scratchy vocals, enormous sounding chorus, and larger than life presence among the other songs. Not to mention, on this song and all throughout the album, drummer Tommy McCullough just slays. Oh and the harmonies! I cannot forget the harmonies. This album is full of them. Hearing this song just adds to the thought that has been running through my head since the start of the album. “I need to hear these songs live!” No pressure, but I have to imagine this band can really deliver night after night. By the way, where are those tour dates, guys?

If you were on the fence about the band up to this point, hearing The Traveler will quickly make up your mind. With a tempo similar to the album intro, the vocals have a flow that is almost trance like which sends the listener on a musical journey as only a song has a way of doing. They bring back a bit of that funk on Psychedelic Red and that massive guitar driven sound comes full circle during Fade. The album ends with Away, a song that places a big fat exclamation mark on the album. But don’t let the first minute or so fool you. You want a soaring guitar solo? Check. You want big loud drums? Check. You want screaming vocals? Check.

Bottom line, as you listen to song after song on Take One, you will catch bits of various influences from bands that have come before them. However, Black Coffee also show you their desire to carve their own path by creating music that is not only relevant right now, but that can easily stand the test of time. Take One is a piece of work that will be remembered as part of the enormous, ever-growing history of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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